met belem

This fabulous sea trip where we met the Belem

The Belem arrived in Marseille on Friday, April 19, in windy weather and choppy seas. Despite the conditions we went to meet him at sea, taking nearly 150 people to welcome the famous 3 masts ! We were almost alone at sea, but when we passed Île Maïre, what a joy! The Belem was standing there, gracefully heading towards the port of Marseille.

We followed it to J4. The wind prevented him from entering the Vieux Port, but fortunately we were able to enjoy the show so far ! In addition, we were lucky to have on board Jean-Noël Beverini, our expert commentator, who gave us a new look at the history of Marseille.

A wonderful sea trip which, we hope, will be renewed very quickly with the Office de la Mer !