The Underwater Museum

The Underwater Museum of Marseille in anulment

The Underwater Museum of Marseille may not open in June…. Indeed, the Marseille Administrative Court decided to suspend the concession of the public maritime domain for the construction of the underwater museum. The maritime space of the Anse des Catalans was to be made available for a period of 15 years… But the Friends of the Underwater Museum of Marseille do not forfeit.

They declare in their press release that they are appealing to the Supreme Court and hope to carry out their project to the end !

The Friends of the Underwater Museum have done everything in their power to make the museum a project anchored in the city of Marseille.

An ecological location

The sculptures are made of neutral PH cement, so as to positively impact the seabed like an artificial reef.

A cultural project

The museum will bring together sculptures by 10 renowned artists on the theme of the sea. Access will be free of charge in order to make art accessible to all.

An enhancement of the heritage

Marseille has incredible potential thanks to the sea, but so little exploited ! The Marseille Underwater Museum wants to highlight the natural richness of the Mediterranean Sea in Marseille.

We therefore hope that the Musée Subaquatique de Marseille will overcome this ordeal to finally have the pleasure of visiting it! Maybe it will be able to open to the public during our Septembre en Mer festival…