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International cooperation and drug trafficking : the thrilling conference by the French Navy

At the heart of Narcotics and international cooperation

Here is a thrilling subject of November’s conference, organized by the French Navy in Marseille.

This evening, Sir Captain Pierre-François Ferri, link officer of the French Navy at MAOC (N) Maritime Analysis and Operations Center (Narcotics) will try to explain the issues of maritime paths traffic and also the different ways of cooperation to foil drug trafficking.


20th November

The 20th of November at 18:30, you will appreciate this fascinating conference at ENSM :

“With the internationalization of criminal networks and the growth of drug trafficking mostly using the maritime path, national responses are unsufficient. Agencies in charge of investigations need intelligence from others countries to deal with their investigations deeper but also to coordinate when it’s a question about high seas boarding and controling. MAOC(N) “Maritime Analysis and Operations Center” (Narcotics) is a response to this issue.

Located in Lisbon, this center was created by an international deal and was signed by seven European countries in 2007. It is an example of well working cooperation through its little size (twenty persons) and the trust acquired little by little with the narcotics intelligence agencies.

The center collects, analyzes and shares between its seven members informations about maritime drug trafficking to facilitate later the arrest of suspect ships. This model is probably exportable in other places and sectors.

With concrete examples, the conference tries to give a glimpse of drug trafficking of Mediterranean and Atlantic sea, modes of action of the criminal networks and international cooperation methods to response.”

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