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Régate en vue

Every year, Marseille becomes the capital of prestigious sail races with the best skippers. L’Office de la Mer Marseille Provence gives you the chance to enjoy the sail race at the closest by getting aboard our boat to discover the elite sailing game.

Aboard, you will enjoy live specialized commentaries of an expert who will explain every details. A maritime heritage specialist, also aboard, will presents symbolic places of our coastline. With Régate en vue, l’Office de la mer Marseille Provence makes you live the best of the race like a skipper !

Septembre en Mer

Biggest sea festival of the region, Septembre en mer will make your summer season last forever !

During one month it is about 200 events organized on the whole region. From the coziest to the biggest crowdy event :  you will find nautical events, walks, delicious food, water sports or coastline discovery : the whole family can enjoy it ! Snorkeling, hiking, kayak, paddle, boat trips, beach cleaning, conventions, visits, everything is possible during the festival. Feel free to breathe fresh sea air, grab your sunglasses and enjoy Septembre en mer.

Grande parade maritime

The Grande Parade Maritime is the opening of Septembre en mer. Amateur yachtsman and boating enthusiasts will join together on the sea to sail to share their united passion. Little motor boats to big sailing ships, this event gather the sea family. On the ground, the inhabitant from Marseille and tourists will get opportunity to see this extraordinary show which begin in the southern bay to the trade port. Real popular event, the Grande Parade Maritime will make you live a exceptional moment.

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