Randonnée Fortifications Côte Bleue

Hiking on Südwall : bunkers and quarries

Quarries, bunkers, World War II

Here comes the program ! You don’t know Südwall ? This German word, commonly called “Mediterranean wall” was a extension of fortifications to protect the Germans from Allies invasions during World War II. Inaccessible until now, wildfires have recently opened a new path for a unique hiking.

It is also a unique walk because of the stone quarries which helped to create Massalia. Marseille is bounded to Martigues and the Blue Coast with History.


Passionate people for a unique hiking

Passionate about History and hiking, our guide will lead you to historical paths, accessible and for every walk lovers and culture fans.

15 kilometers on a loop mixing garrigue and flat soil, through the Blue Coast.

Symbolic price for this wonderful walk : 2 €.

Enjoy the last weekend of Septembre en mer with a sun shining.