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World marine species register : what's new ?

Station Marine d’Endoume – salle de conférence bât. 4

THE 28.11.18

What's new with the world marine species register and how the research unit "IMBED" takes part ?

Ms BELLAN-SANTINI, Emeritus Research Director atDirecteur of CNRS will approach the issue to enlighten about marine species and their incredible diversity and beauty, sometimes underrated.

The number of marine species currently known and listed is 242 000. It could represent one third to two thirds of the global number of species.

The world inventory of these animals is stocked in the WoRMS database (World Register of Marine Species), process of an international cooperation started 10 years ago.


Top 10 surprising species

For this birthday, a top 10 marine surprising species,  described during the 2007-2017 period has been created. These species show how diverse and original they are but also show the Earth's beauty left to discover.

This conference takes part in the Endoume's Wednesdays cycle and is proposed by Carole Borchiellini, lecturer and researcher at the IMBE Research Unit.

Registration : booking by mail at marjorie.selva@imbe.fr

Free entrance


FROM 28.11.18 at 8h00 TO 28.11.18 at 17h00


Station Marine d’Endoume – salle de conférence bât. 4

Chemin de la Batterie des Lions 13007 Marseille

T. 04 91 04 16 00


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