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Ecological anchorage system set by the city of Marseille

New ecological anchorages set by the city of Marseille

To preserve the marine ecosystem, the city of Marseille has listed major diving spots around the 6 islands. These docking buoys are provided for everyone but the diving groups, clubs or individual people are more concerned.

The goal is to avoid the sea bed destruction by the direct anchorage, to have a respectful environmental behavior.

The city of Marseille wishes the users to respect some rules :

  • To act with courtesy and to bring attention while using and leaving an ecological anchorage
  • If possible, a person should stay aboard the anchored boat
  • To approach slowly and with carefulness, particularly if an activity is indicated by an Alpha flag
  • To dock the closest of the ring to avoid the ship zone

This approach follows a sustainable development.

33 docking buoys are set on 18 diving spots.

We listed these spots on the following map :

  • The whole year :

The surface buoys are represented by a blue point

  • From May to October :

The seasonal buoys and positioned on the surface : Violet point

  • From November to April :

The seasonal buoys become sub-surface buoys. Yellow point

Office de la mer owns this map.


How to dock to a sub-surface buoy ?

Many ways are possible to correctly dock to a sub-surface buoy :

  • To pull up a rope floating on 2 or 3 meters with a buoy with the help of a boat. Then you have to do the same docking process hook like a surface buoy.
  • Another systems can help you like the Handy Duck anchorage hook, which avoids to pull up the buoy

Image bouée de sub surface

Image provenant du site du parc National des Calanques

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