les voiles latines

Come to discover latin sailing with Leï Pescadou de l’Estaco !

Leï Peiscadou de l’Estaco invites you to participate in the 7th edition of their Latin sailing course ! The event will take place on 27th and 28th April 2019 at l’Estaque. Whether you are a novice, an amateur, or simply curious, you can sail in authentic Marseille boats!

Each traditional boats have their own features :

Barquette : a small fishing boat from 4 to 9m long, also called “Pointu” because of the shape of its hull. If you are curious, don’t hesitate to learn about the Marseille Barquette !

Bette marseillaise : sailing boat, rowing boat, or motor boat, it has a flat bottom and it is used for fishing.

Mourre de Pouar : sailing fishing boat, larger and more solid than the barquette.

Gourse niçoise : a very elegant small boat from 4 to 6m long, designed for net fishing near the coast and being easily washed up on the beaches.

ïAnd to prepare you to live this adventure, Lei Pescadou de l’Estaco organizes a conference about Latin sailing on April 27th at 6pm ! Free admission, do not hesitate to join them.


To remember:

  • Normal price = 100€ / price under 25 years old = 50€
  • Registration : 04 52 70 84 31 or mvl.edition5@gmail.com