Mediterranean sea

A great action for the Mediterranean sea !

The Mediterranean sea, a polluted sea

Important quantities of plastic and other waste are dumped into the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the disastrous visual impact, this threatens marine life. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world ! But it is not a fatality for everyone….

An initiative for the environment

Thursday, May 30, the Grand Défi will be held at the initiative of Emmanuel Laurin. He is a famous swimmer committed to the environment, he swam from Marseille to Toulon in 2017, taking advantage of this “stroll” to collect as much waste as he could. A documentary filmed by Jérémy Stadler entitled “Le Grand Saphir” shows us this action for the sea in pictures.

Today he decides to share his concerns and passion with the general public through the event.

A unique challenge in Marseille

The Grand Défi combines sport and environmental protection in a huge maritime treasure hunt. 20 teams of swimmers/kayakers composed of 4 amateur participants will compete in an 8 km race between the Plage des Catalans and the Plage de l’Escale Borély ! Each team must collect as much waste as possible along this course.

This race will bring together 80 participants and 20 top athletes such as Frédéric Bousquet, Muriel Hurtis and Fabien Gilot. They will coach the participants for the event ! They all aim to raise public awareness of the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea.

A village of arrival will offer various activities, as well as interventions by specialists in eco-responsible sport and a concert ! A large collection will also be offered on the beach of Escale Borély in partnership with several local associations.

A committed competition

The lucky winners will receive 3 monetary prizes :

  • the most waste collected
  • the most unusual waste discovered
  • the Great Sapphire found (recycled plastic sapphire named after the film on Emmanuel Laurin)

The prizes will then be donated to the environmental protection associations of the team’s choice, so that the fight continues !

video credit : teaser from Jérémy Stadler’s “Great Sapphire